December 2006

Well, Its December again and a lot of the planet is gearing up for the holidays. We will still be working away here to make sure that you have a brand new and improved magazine for the new year. We have a list of quality tutorials, articles and interviews next year which will blow your little Christmas stockings off! Also, as of the 2007 ‘era’ we will have a magazine full of new features behind the scenes. A vastly improved subscription and automation system will replace (the frankly old) existing one. This should make purchasing and downloading easier than ever! The content also will have new features. We will be occasionally adding video into the mag, plus real 3D Objects before your very eyes to be turned and viewed at your discretion! Thanks for continuing to support us and we hope the improvements will only add to what we consider to be a rather good magazine...if we do say so ourselves ;-) Ed.

Techniques and Tutorials
For those of you following any of our 5 SwordMaster tutorials, you may or may not be happy to know that this is the final part! Well done for those of you who have made it this far and don’t forget that we would love to see your finished textured models, and also listen to any constructive criticisms / praise / suggestions you might have for us. Also this month; lighting and rendering cars using Mental Ray. Every month we receive a whole heap of very good car images, some of which just need a finishing touch. Hopefully this month will help ;-) Also, as an early present, we have 4 making of’s! ‘Mazinger Z’ by Angel Nieves, ‘Jungle Mecha’by Jeremiah Strong, ‘Smoking Creature’ by Marco Menco & ‘Thinker’ by Marcin Solarz complete a ‘learning line-up’ for this month.

We have been invaded by lemmings...Remembering that early Christmas morning years ago when I discovered a shiny new Commodore Amiga 500, boxed in my living room we could not help but discuss the ‘genre-busting’ Lemmings phenomenon and how it wasted so many precious childhood hours (the good wasted kind). We got in touch with Team17 who have remade the Lemmings for PSP to talk all about it...Interviews this month also feature some amazing artists. Cartoon Character ‘King’ Patrick Beaulieu, Lucasfilm’s Manuel Macha and Emmy award winning studio Shilo Design.

Whatever you may be up to at this time of year, sit back and enjoy this issue and we hope to see you in the new year...

Patrick Beaulieu

Manuel Macha

Shilo Design


Lemmings & Team17

Modeling for Animation

Lighting & Rendering Cars with Mental Ray

Joan of Arc Complete chracter creation for Maya, LW, C4D & XSi.

Final Part 8 of 8
Texturing the Armour and clothing

10 of the best images from around the World

Making Of
'Mazinger Z' by

Making Of
'Jungle Mecha' by

Making Of
'Smoking Creature' by

Making Of
'Thinker' by