May 2006

Once again to another packed 3DCreative. Biggest news this month is the addition of our new ‘SwordMaster’ Tutorial. Over the next 8 months we will see the creation of the real-time cover character from the beginning to the end. Not only this, we have had it created in 3DSMax, Maya, Cinema 4D, Lightwave and Softimage XSI!

Techniques and Tutorials
Apart from SwordMaster, this months includes the 5th instalment of our ‘Texturing Masterclass’ series, ‘Texturing a Scene’ part 2. The series has covered a wide range of techniques and topics and you can still purchase any back issues if you missed a part! We start ‘Alpine A443’ an in depth Car modeling tutorial in 3 parts by Dettore Olliver Thomas. Parts 2 will follow in the next issue. Neil Maccormack has written an exclusive tutorial on ‘Intergrating 3D objects into 2D environments’. This skill has been fairly overlooked and we thought it time to show you how! The ‘Making Of’s’ section this month features ‘Nintendo’ by Michael Knap & ‘Furniturecluster’ by Mathias Koehler. We also have a look at ‘Robo’ by Juliano Castro, which features in the book ‘Digital Art Masters’.

3 Interviews this month alongside some amazing artwork. Fred Bastide, Juan Siquier & Vitaly Bulgarov tell us how they work and give us insight into the methods which have made them world class 3D artists.

Exclusive! In this Issue, we talk to Kari Gunnarsson from CCP, creators of the giant online game ‘Eve’. From concept to online we find out the truth!

Fred Bastide

Juan Siquier

Vitaly Bulgarov

Eve Online with Kari Gunnarson

Texturing Masterclass
Texturing a Scene Part 2

‘Alpine A443’
In depth Car modeling tutorial by Dettore Olliver Thomas
Part 1

Three in Two
Compositing 3D objects into 2D scenes by Neil Maccormack

Hyper Realistic Creature Creation Book

Swordmaster Complete Character creation for 3DSMax, Maya, LW, C4D & XSi.
Part 1 Modeling the Head

10 of the best images from around the World

Making Of
‘Nintendo’ by Michael Knap

Making Of
‘Furniturecluster’ by Mathias Koehler

Making Of
‘Robo’ by Juliano Castro
Exclusive Content from the 3DTotal book:-
Digital Art Masters