August 2007

Well. We have hit issue 24, which on the outset doesn’t seem like much but it kind of means that we hae now been making 3D Creative Magazine for 2 years now. In that time we have made a lot of changes to the style of the mag, and we hope that we are also providing as much great content as possible. To put it in perspective, here is something we didnt know 2 years ago that we know now.

Since 2005, scientists have discovered more than 50 new species of animals and plants on the Southeast Asian island of Borneo. These new members of the List of Animals We Previously Didn’t Have a Clue About include a catfish with protruding teeth and suction cups on its belly that help it stick to rocks. Go back for a second.A bucktooth, rock-climbing catfish. With suckers. So, us keeping this magazine going for another two years at this fantastic value for money level, doesnt seem that unlikely now does it! Anyway, inane ramblings of an editor with mild brain radiation from these screens aside, we hope you will continue to support us for as long as you can.

I would also like to thank all of you who supported our plea to stop the ‘pirates’ (see cover image this month ;-) copying our magazines. It has made a good difference and will allow us to continue. are also exhibitng at Siggraph this year so feel free to stop by and say hi! Ed & the 3DCreative Team.

Onno van Braam
Self-Taught 3D Artist from the Netherlands

Carles Piles
CG Artist from Valencia, Spain

Alex Huguet
Senior Character Artist and more!

Featuring :
& More!!

ATTIK and Scion
mutilate conformity in new campaign

Artist Advice
More advice from 35 top artists

Environmental Lighting
Part 2 for 3DSMax, Maya, C4D, LW & XSi

Advanced View
Camera Tutorial for High Res Rendering

Guide to Lighting
Part 5 : Daylight advanced

Stylised Animal Challenge
Animal Name

Making Of
Project Overview by Anna Celarek