February 2007

Hello again. Thanks for sticking with us through our ‘technological transfer’ when 3DCreative starts to make full use of the digital features we posess. We have a slight delay on the protection of the mag but soon we will have a fantastic new system to make life easier for all of you! This month we are very pleased that the mag is continuing to remain close to over 150 pages per issue, and that we seem to be keeing that up! We have a lot of content coming your way in future issues. I would like to say a big thank you to all of you who sucessfully unlocked the ‘Lite’ issue; we are testing a new system which protects the magazines and by entering your email address you have given us much more confidence in this. Please note that we will not use these email addresses for anything other than to see how many of you are reading the lite issues! We also begin a series of articles on the world of Next Generation gaming. I hope will be of interest to many of you as we have interviewed some of the worlds biggest and best games studios to find out what they are doing. Anyway, enough from me, it’s time for another cup of tea and I seem to be the only one making them around here these days... Enjoy! Ed.

Peter Sanitra
Senior CG Artist at ImagesFX

Anders Lejczak
Project Manager & CG Veteran

3D Artist

10 of the Best 3D Artworks

Digitally Cloned
America’s Next Top Model Gets Digitised

The Childrens’ TV Series: CG for the Future

Next Generation Games
This Month an Interview with Blitz Games

Tuc Tuc Shaders, Lighting & Rendering tutorial for 3DSMax, Maya, LW, C4D & XSI! Part 2 of 6

Composition & Angles
Spencer Murphy Continues His Lessons...

Guide to Lighting
A Complete Lightwave Lighting Guide

RTSquare Render
The Free Renderer and How to Use it

Stylised Animal Challenge
This Month’s 10 ‘Highland Cow’ Winners

Making Of
Project Overview by Marcin Solarz

Making Of
Say Cheese
Project Overview by Eric Provan

Making Of

Project Overview by Michal Konwicki