July 2007

Welcome to 3DCreative Issue 23. Last month, we saw the Tuc-Tuc tutorial series draw to a close with the finale in our eight-part series, which can only mean one thing this month... Yep, that’s right, we have another brand spanking new tutorial series lined up just for you, and it starts this very month! Flip to the back of this issue to find the first parts of our all new, Environment Lighting Tutorial series, which does exactly what it says on the tin! We must firstly apologise however, as unfortunately we aren’t able to bring you the Maya part of this series until the next issue, due to unforeseen set-backs for our Maya artist, but please don’t fret as we will have BOTH parts good and ready for you for next month’s issue! So all you Maya artists out there really won’t want to miss that double-wammy!! We also have another announcement regarding our Complete Guide to Lighting (Lightwave) series, which will now be featured in next month’s issue, too. As compensation for the delay with the next part of this series, Cesar is kindly giving you some free goodies, which are available for download on page 101, for you to play with until his return next month! We thank you for your patience this month and we hope you will stay tuned until normal service is resumed again next month! This month we also welcome back the popular feature in which we interrogate artists far and wide for their thoughts regarding questions that we at 3DCreative would quite simply like to know the answers to. This month we asked them, “Do you think art is a gift that you inherit...?”. Turn to p46 to find out what they said! We’d also like to thank those readers out there who have kindly written in over the last month with regards to last month’s ‘Plea for Help’. It’s great to know that the support is growing out there, and we are glad that some of you who were perhaps tempted by free copies from friends, co-workers, or dodgy websites in the past, are now choosing to say “No!” to such temptations and support Zoo Publishing instead! We hope that more and more of you will realise that this is the only way to go if we all want to see 3DCreative survive; we can’t do it without your support, so our plea for help still stands: please do not illegally copy and redistribute this magazine. Thanks for taking the time to read this, and I hope you enjoy this month’s issue!

Lynette, Zoo Publishing

Romy Tesei
3D Architectural & Visualization Artist

Jeremy Roberts
Comic Book and 3D Illustrator

Art Director for NC Soft

10 of the Best 3D Artworks

Fig Newtons
A52 Cinematic Features Animated Fig Newtons

Human Body 3D
3DS Max Goes to Medical School

Do you think ...
We Find Out What 3D Artists Really Think

Pirates of the Caribbean
Behind the Scenes at the Last Pirates’ Film

3D Environment Lighting
For 3DSMax, C4D, LW, XSi & Maya

Complete Guide to Lighting
Free Downloads (Part 5 Coming Next Month!)

Stylised Animal Challenge
Snail Winners & Anteater Making Ofs

Ferrari F-2000
Project Overview by Raymond Yang

Making Of
Green Sea Turtle
Project Overview by Katrin Schmid

Making Of
Creature Model
Project Overview by Avinash Hegde