May 2007

So, May is here and in the UK we are having an unusually early start to the Summer. We’re not quite cranking up the air conditioning quite yet but it is pleasant - it’s nice, very nice. It has put us all in a good mood, far away from the doom and gloom of the long, cold winter (apologies to our Scandinavian readers; I know your winters are much longer and colder than ours, but hey, that’s why you can ski better than us so it’s all fair in the end). Anyway, enough chat about the weather; this month’s issue should reflect our happy nature as it is a monster issue, and we’ve gone all out this month. This month we feature an exclusive interview with Marco Spitoni, creator of the newly completed “Code: Guardian” short, plus another exclusive interview with Alessandro Baldasseroni, one of my personal all-time favourites (hence this month’s cover). Lead Artist of 10tacle Studios also talks to us this month about his amazing work. The Tuc-Tuc now reaches the penultimate part, and we hope that all of you who have been following it have improved those shader, lighting and rendering skills! Only one more part to go now before we announce the new tutorials series... A big “thanks” finally goes out to all of you who have sent in suggestions for tutorials. We have an enormous list and we are pairing them up with the best artists for the job as we speak (or as I type). So, Including the Galleries, Making Ofs and the Challenge, this is another great value issue. Ed

Marco Spitoni
On his Incredible Short Movie ‘Code: Guardian’

Lukas Jevcakl
Lead Object Artist,10tacle Studios

Alessandro Baldasseroni
The Artist Responsible for This Month’s Cover!

10 of the Best 3D Artworks

Kane & Lynch: Dead Men
Next Gen Games Series with IO Interactive

3D Game Textures
Create Professional Game Art Using Photoshop

Geico Gecko
Framestore NY’s New Spots

Tuc Tuc Shaders, Lighting & Rendering tutorial for 3DSMax, Maya, LW, C4D & XSI! Part 5 of 6

Turtle Render
An Introduction to the Render Software

Guide to Lighting
Part 3 - Lighting Basics

Stylised Animal Challenge
This Month’s Finalists for 'Eagles' and the top 3 Camel Making Of's

Making Of
Fisherman in Town
Project Overview by Suresh Kumar

Making Of
5 o’clock
Project Overview by Gustavo Sandrini Groppo

Making Of
Its for you.....
Project Overview by Kevin Beckers (Tycane)