December 2008

Welcome to the December issue of 3DCreative – two score, life begins at … that’s right: 40! For those who aren’t up on your bingo lingo, then I’m really just trying to say that we’ve hit the big 4-0 with 3DCreative magazine. Woop! And for those of you who are interested in bingo nicknames (anyone?) you could say “blind 40” or “naughty 40”. I quite like the naughty one myself, so let’s bless this December issue of 3DCreative magazine the naughty 40 issue – just because we can! *grins*

OK so what do we have for you lovely people? Well first up, for those fans of Alex Oliver (and if you say Alex who? then you seriously need to check out this artist’s work as you’ve been missing out!) we have an interview with this extraordinarily talented sculptor – in both a traditional and ZBrush sense (page 007). He talks to us about his inspirations and plans for the future, as well as his love of dinosaurs (God bless Jurassic Park). And for those who are feeling the winter blues and desperately seeking some inspiration, do check out this interview as Alex has kindly given us some tips to keep ourselves inspired, and he points us in the right direction towards getting our drawing skills up to scratch! Sebastien Sonet is our second artist under the 3DCreative grill this month, whose extreme sci-fi artworks actually freaked out our proof reader (bless). Sebastien is keen to design creatures for film and TV, and his portfolio certainly impresses, so if you’re into your creature design and sci-fi then check out Sebastien’s work and find out how it all started for him back in the days of his parents’ basement (page 019). Our studio interview this month is with Alter, a company that uses a combination of CGI and photography to create a stunning portfolio of photorealistic images for clients (page 027) – plenty of treats for the eyes in that one!

Our tutorial series continue in fantastic formation this month, with part 5 of our tutorial series on creating a complete scene – this month our artists are in the second stage of texturing their scenes (page 101). Our ZBrush speed sculpting tutorials are based on the theme of a four-legged dinosaur (page 059); the artists tackling this topic are actually friends in Brazil, and they hope to bring their creations together in a future artwork, so check out their tutorials and keep an eye out for more from Diego Maia and Walfrido Monteiro. And what I can say, other than Rafael Ghencev has gone ahead and created yet another stunning character for the topic: extreme pierced and tattooed guy? Check it out – it’s a stylised character that, with very little influence from the 3DCreative team, has actually turned into pretty much exactly what we imagined when we cooked up this series (page 071). All hats off please to Rafael for this latest instalment, and hold onto your pants for more from him as the months roll on, as the series is far from over yet (hoorah!).

Finally, our ‘making of’ articles this month have been kindly created for us by Donát Somogyi (page 083) and Marco Antonio Delgado (page 089). Donát discusses the creation of a scene which was inspired by a local abandoned building, and Marco talks cars – of the classic variety. Enjoy!

Thanks for your continued support and have a great Christmas everyone. Happy Holidays! Ed.

Alex Oliver
Creature/Character Concept Artist

Sebastien Sonet
Freelance Artist

Studio Interview with Eric Tobiason

Food Chain
New 3D Spot from Buck

The Gallery:
10 of the Best 3D Artworks

Aged & Weathered:
Creating an Environment from Concept to Render.

Our NEW Six Part Tutorial Series

Speed Sculpting
Four-Legged Fantasy Dinosaur
by Diego Maia and Walfrido Monteiro

ZBrush Character
NEW!! Character Creation Tutorial Series: Part 4: Extreme Piercings & Tattoos

Making Of:
Project Overview by Donát Somogyi

Making Of:
'Mercedes GP 1908'
Project Overview by Marco Antonio Delgado

Digital Art Masters:v3
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