February 2008

Hello and welcome to the big 3-0: Issue 30! We’re not quite collecting our pensions just yet, and don’t worry, we have plenty still left in us yet! Quite fittingly, this month’s issue is a ‘biggy’, too – and I mean BIG! Our car modelling tutorial artists have been going all-out modelling crazy on the second part of the Bugatti Veyron tutorial series this month, so they’ve given us plenty to keep you all busy with throughout February, whether you use 3ds Max, Maya, Cinema 4D, LightWave of Softimage XSI (see page 119). (Remember: if you missed out on Part One, don’t fret – simply pick up the back issue: #029 from the shop!) And just so all of you lovely ZBrush users don’t feel left out, and for those of you who want to take up ZBrush but just haven’t quite had the nudge you need yet, then we begin this month the first of a seven-part tutorial series: Beginner’s Guide to ZBrush, by Wayne Robson (see page 086). Wayne’s written a few ZBrush tutorials for us recently, so we thought we’d put him to the test with the creation of this big series for ZBrush, so we hope this will create many more happy ZBrush users in the future, as we know you’re all out there! Anyway, whilst we’re carrying ourselves away with tutorials this month, we thought we’d also throw in another great little tutorial series for all those budding animators out there: ‘Animation: General Tips and Techniques’, by Jae Ham (see page 079) – take a look! On a different note, our interviews this month are with two fantastic character artists: Daniel Moreno (see page 007) and Francois Rimasson (see page 017), so check those out and get yourself inspired! Interviews are a great way to kick-start your motivation and help out in those times of self-doubt, so they’re always worth a read. Plus, the work you’ll find gracing the interview pages is always an inspiration in itself, so it’s a win-win situation really, isn’t it?! Right, well I shall leave you to explore this month’s issue, and I’ll catch up with you again next month with some more content-filled goodness – just for you. Take care ‘til then and enjoy Issue 030. Ed.

Daniel Moreno
Character Artist for PyroStudiost

Francois Rimasson Freelance Character Artist

What has had the most effect on where you are today?

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Car Modelling Tutorial Series: Part 2 for 3DSMax, Maya, LW, C4D & XSI! Part 2 of 7

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