July 2008

Let me introduce you this month to a Hulkalicious Issue - #035! Hulk fever is all and everywhere right now; smashing through the movie screens and storming through the CG communities like nobody’s business... It seems everyone wants a piece of modelling this wild beast! You’ll all now be familiar with the fantastic justice that Jonas Thörnqvist has done the Hulk with his superb models, and so we give thanks to the talents of Mr. Thörnqvist this month with a meaty interview featured on page 008, delving into the life – and the monster of a portfolio – that he has built for himself. I dare you not to be impressed! We also interview Neil Blevins (page 019), who you all should be familiar with following the fantastic tutorials that he creates for his website and the work that he has done for Blur Studio, and now Pixar. Neil has a good head on his shoulders and all would be wise to take a thing or two from his experience and legendary works – pure inspiration indeed! And let’s face it, we can never get enough of that, right? Nope, thought not! We also get to talking with Tim Appleby for the low-down on his career as a character artist, after having worked on Mass Effect as Senior Character Artist and now as Character Lead for Splash Damage (page 034)! I can feel you all turning green with envy already! And as a nice little bonus this month we’ve also got an interview with With a Twist Studio’ for you, who appear to have the motto: work hard, play hard! Ah play, now what’s that again? See page 028 for some behind-the-scenes chat with this inspirational studio! Sadly, but not lastly, our Bugatti tutorial series comes to an end this month, but don’t worry for we shall we back next month with a 6-part tutorial series on creating a complete scene, specialising in aged and weathered texturing! See, we never let you down, do we?! Our Making Ofs have some red carpet guests this month in the form of Sebastien Sonet and the up-and-coming Malanjo, plus more Making Of goodness from the talented artists, Richard Clark and Arif Pribadi. And don’t forget that our ZBrush tutorial series ends next month, so be sure to renew if your sub is running out! Miss out and be silly indeed.

Ed – Smash!!

Jonas Thörnqvist
Freelance 3D Character Artist

Neil Blevins
Technical Director at Pixar 2002

With a Twist Studio
Digital Creative Studio

Tim Appleby
Lead Character Artist for Splash Damage

How did you get exposure
...when you were just starting out?

Ford Focus Spot by Hatch Studios Ltd.

Dominance War III
Making Of Imrod by Winner Dimitry Parkin

10 of the Best 3D Artworks

Stylised Challenge
This Month’s Finalists & Last Month’s Making Ofs

Sculpting Challenge
The Threedy Forums Newest Challenge

Beginner’s Guide to ZBrush: Part Six of Seven

General Tips and Techniques: Part 3

Bugatti Veyron
For 3ds Max, Maya, C4D & XSi


Making Of:
Deep Water Marine
Project Overview by Arif Pribadi

Making Of:
Ranxerox Salesman
Project Overview by Sebastien Sonet

Making Of:
Uplift Universe
Project Overview by Malanjo

Making Of:
1936 Auburn Speedster
Project Overview by Richard Clark

Digital Art Masters:v2
Free Chapter Book Promotion