March 2008

Welcome to Issue 31! We managed to track down the extremely talented, and equally busy, Marek Denko this month for an in-depth interview about his life and work for this issue. Marek’s work never fails to impress us, so have a wander over to page 008 to see some of his work – both old and ‘hot off the press’ – and get yourself inspired for some hyper realistic CG creation! We’ve also had the great pleasure of catching up with Neil Maccormack, of Bearfoot Films, for this month’s issue, so flick to page 025 to see his fantastic sci-fi/fantasy artwork and read all about how he found himself in Geneva after growing up in little ol’ England! Our third interview this month is with the boundary-pushing studio, Shilo – check out page 018 to find out what these guys are working on now and what they’ve been up to, and how Shilo all came about in the first place! Our ZBrush and Bugatti Veyron Tutorials are still going strong this month, and we have ourselves an instrument-based Making Of theme going on with some great contrast, with the making of an electric guitar by Alexander Nadein (page 094) and a classical violin by Chris Carter (page 104). So if you too have a passion for music and have always fancied modelling yourself a banjo, bass, or even a kazoo (why not?), and setting it in a stunning/dramatic environment, then get stuck into these Making Ofs and try it our for yourself! What’s stopping you? Have fun, enjoy this month’s issue and catch you next month! Ed.

Marek Denko
Freelance Artist

Co-founded by Jose Gomez & Andre Stringer

Neil Maccormack
Geneva-based Freelance Artist

What fires you up?
When you’re down on motivation...?

Method Collaborates with Director Kinka Usher

Axis Animation’s Latest Cinematic Venture

10 of the best images from around the World

Stylised Animal Challenge
This Month’s Finalists & Last Month’s Making Ofs

Beginner’s Guide to ZBrush: Part Two of Seven

Making Of
Guitar at Construction Site
Project Overview by Alexander “Shultz” Nadein

Making Of
Project Overview by Chris Carter

Bugatti Veyron
For 3ds Max, Maya, C4D, LW & XSi