November 2008

Welcome to Issue 39 – not long till Christmas now! You may have seen an article that we published in this here magazine on the short movie, Moutons (Sheep), back in March 2007 … Well, this month we welcome back one of the genius members from that collaboration for an interview – the one and only, Simon Blanc! You’ll have seen his superb Pirates of the Caribbean inspired image around the CG communities recently (this month’s cover), so find out all about the artist behind the artwork in this issue (page 009). Simon is currently working for Blur Studios in California, so we could all learn a little from him – plus he’s simply a great guy who we all love talking to here at 3DCreative, so sit back and relax with some stunning artwork and a bit of chat! Rudolf Herczog is our second artist interview this month; he’s a freelance artist who creates the most awe-inspiring 3D environments, specialising in sci-fi and futuristic art creations – find our more on page 021. We also get to know Little Red Robot, based in San Francisco, a little better this month, in our latest studio interview. LRR is a company creating fun and creative content using only the very latest in visual effects and post-production – check out more about these guys on page 031.

Moving onto what you guys all love: tutorials! This month our super tutorial series, kicked off by 3DCreative’s resident artist, Richard Tilbury, splits its five separates ways as our different artists carry on the series in the different software packages: 3ds Max, Maya, Cinema 4D, LightWave and Softimage XSI. So let’s give a group hug to three of our old time favourites, Luciano Iurino (tackling the Softimage XSI version), Niki Bartucci (handling the Cinema 4D version) and Roman Kessler (on LightWave), as well as give a warm welcome to our latest tutorial writer for 3DCreative, Tiong-seah Yap, who has taken the Maya version into his very capable hands. This month: Texturing the Scene – Part 1 (page 103). As is usual now for 3DCreative, we have our two ZBrush tutorials, the first of which is our regular Speed Sculpting article featuring Alex Oliver and Rafael Grassetti (page 055), and the second is of course part 3 of Rafael Ghencev’s series in which he sculpts a ‘steroid-pumped guy’. Rafael’s really outdone himself this time – the final render is simply outstanding! Check out page 067 and you’ll see why we’re been so impressed this month. Our ZBrush artists have also kindly provided some movies to accompany their tutorials, so be sure take some time out to enjoy those; they’re all downloadable from within this very magazine – look out for the Free Movies icons and click to download. Easy!

Our Making Ofs this month have kindly been created for us by Chris Carter and Olli Sorjonen. Chris discusses his latest image and the challenges he faced incorporating his crab into a scene (page 079), and Olli Sorjonen tells us all about the creation of his recent character, the “Enforcer” (page 087).

Enjoy this month’s offerings – see you next month for more! Ed.

Simon Blanc
Scene Assembler for Blur Studios

Rudolf Herczog
Freelance Digital Artist

Little Red Robot
VFX Studio

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10 of the Best 3D Artworks

Aged & Weathered:
Creating an Environment from Concept to Render.

Our NEW Six Part Tutorial Series

Speed Sculpting
NEW!! Creatures of the Night
by Alex Oliver and Rafael Grassetti

ZBrush Character
NEW!! Character Creation Tutorial Series: Part 3

Making Of:
'Dinner On the Water' Project Overview by Chris Carter

Making Of:
Project Overivew by Olli Sorjonen

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