Issue 58 | June 2010
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Hello everybody and welcome to the 58th issue of 3DCreative magazine. We have some new tutorials for you this month including an amazing new environment lighting series. The last issue featured the last chapter in our outdoor lighting series and this month we move on to an indoor scene. This series will be concentrating on the way natural and artificial light can be created for an amazing indoor scene that was created for us by Viktor Fretyán. For this new series we invite back some familiar faces and warmly welcome some great new artists. The series will be handled in four different pieces of software, Viktor Fretyán will be using 3DS Max and V-Ray, Jamie Cardoso 3DS Max and Mental ray, Luciano Iurino Maya and Mental Ray and Fredi Voss will be using Cinema 4D.

Our second new tutorial series starting this month is How to Stylize and Model Toon animals and People. The series starts by looking at creating a cartoon animal with Jose Alves da Silva. Jose shows us in great detail how he makes his superb boxing kangaroo and this month talks us through the concept and modeling stages. If you are interested in creating cartoon animals this tutorial is a must!

If rigging and animation is more of your thing you will be pleased to hear that this month we continue our rigging series by Richard Kazuo and Danilo Pinheiro in Maya and Luis San Juan Pallares for 3DS Max. This month also see’s the next instalment of Female Character Creation tutorials by Wayne Robson. This month Wayne talks us through creating the head of an obese lady in a classical style. Make sure you keep your eyes out for the excellent video’s that Wayne has prepared to show how to create parts of the sculpt, this month they appear directly in the text as we make the most of the new magazine format.

This month’s making of is by Petr Nasirov. Petr talks us through making his excellent Comicon competition entry Judge Death. We also feature an interview with Ilya Nedyal a props and accessories for the games industry expert. He tells us how he found his way in to the industry at a young age and talks to us about his ideal project.

We also have an amazing gallery section featuring work from Tsvetomir Georgiev, Federico Scarbini, Rudolf Herzog, Adam Skutt and a host of other excellent artists for your enjoyment. We hope you have fun with the new look magazine and don’t forget to let us know what you think.
What in this month…
Ilya Nedyal - Self-taught 3d artist

The Gallery: 10 of the Best 3D Artworks

NEW!! Tutorial Series: Stylized a Toon Animal
Chapter 1: Concept and Modeling

NEW!! Tutorial Series: Indoor Lighting
Series for 3ds Max MR & V-Ray, Maya & Cinema 4D

Tutorial Series: Mudbox Female Character Creation Chapter 2: Obese by Wayne Robson

Tutorial Series: Introduction to Rigging Series for 3ds Max & Maya

Making Of: Judge Death - Project Overview by Petr Nasirov

Promotion: Digital Art Masters:v4 - Free Chapter Book Promotion


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