Issue 63 | November 2010
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Forget bonfires, fireworks and Halloween. What we have in store for you this month is truly exciting! We have said a fond farewell to some really great tutorial series, but as always that means we have some really great new content coming your way!

We will start this month with one of our new tutorials and with what will doubtlessly be one of the highlights of the year! Have you ever been sitting at your games console or PC thinking, I wish I could be making these games instead of just playing them. Well 3DCreative are happy to be presenting you with that opportunity in our Brand new Series ‘The Italian Courtyard – Unreal Games Engine’. Many of you will remember Andrew Finch who helped us all with environment lighting a few months back, well Andrew works in the games industry and now shows us how to create a level for a computer game using the Unreal Development kit which can be downloaded for free. And to give you a taste of what can be done, Andrew has created a demo level that we can all download and explore to whet our taste buds!

As if that wasn’t enough, we have another amazing new tutorial series starting this month, ‘Creating the spaceship - The Celeritas’. This is a great series to guide you through a complete project, beginning this month with experienced concept artist Mike Hill. Mike will show us how to use some of the versatile tools in Photoshop to create a concept for a spaceship. In the following months this spaceship will be modelled and textured by Djorjie Jovanovic in 3ds Max, Luigi Terza in Maya and Tamás Gyermán in Cinema 4D.

Jose Alves da Silva has been treating us to a cartoon master class in his Cartoon human’s tutorial series. Jose continues to provide valuable step by step advice, and guide us though the process of texturing his amazing character.

From human’s to monsters, this month we continue or new series ZBrush monster creation. A lot of you may have seen some of the finished images from this series in some of the forums and will know that we are in for a real treat. This month it is the turn of Federico Scarbini to show us how he made his amazing Sewer Dwelling creature! Federico give a really detailed account of everything he did to create his image, from the concept stage through to the modelling and texturing. I am sure you will all agree this is a cracker!

This month’s interview is with Nicolas Crombez. Nicolas shot to fame with his amazing 100,000 pixel wide image called ‘A Picture’. Nicolas is a fascinating artist, who creates fascinating worlds where music and 3D imagery combine. Nicolas has a very interesting way of looking at the world and 3D in general. This one is worth a read!

Our gallery is packed with great art this month, featuring work from Jungwon Park, Luis Nieves and Tamara Bakhlycheva, and we also have a really great making of from Adam Skutt.

Have fun!

What in this month…
Interview: 3D Artist Nicolas Crombez

The Gallery: 10 of the Best 3D Artworks

Tutorial Series: How to Stylize and Model 'Toon People' by Jose Alves da Silva

NEW!! Tutorial Series:
Creating the Celeritas - Spaceship
Chapter 1 - Concept by Mike Hill

NEW!! Tutorial Series: The Italian Courtyard

Unreal Games Engine Tutorial by Andrew Finch

Tutorial Series: ZBrush Monster Character Creation - Chapter 2: Swamp Monster by Federico Scarbini

Making Of: Mursi Tribesman - Project Overview
by Adam Skutt


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