Issue 62 | October 2010
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The nights are slowly creeping in, and the days are getting shorter and colder, all the more reason to stay in and enjoy the breath taking new issue of 3DCreative in the comfort of your home.

If you’re looking for a reminder of the warm summer days when it was easier to get out of bed and you didn’t need 10 layers on to leave the house you need look no further than this month’s making of. Igor Catto reminds us of the days when all we had to think about was what to wear on the beach and if we had enough sun cream on with his great in depth making of Fat Summer.

This month’s interview is with the fantastically versatile and talented artist Dragos Jieanu. We are treated to a great selection of fantastic images from Dragos’s portfolio, and he tells us a little about how he uses the power of Photoshop to get the most out of his illustrations and vast landscapes.

Ok, so on to the tutorials. We wrap up our interior lighting series this month and say a fond farewell to Jamie Cardoso, Viktor Fretyán, Luciano Iurino and Fredi Voß. I am sure that you will agree with me that it has been an enlightening series! Our lighting geniuses have treated us to a variety of tips and skills to help us light any scene in almost any situation, and this month we finish things off with a dark room lit by light from a T.V. Viktor however catches up on one of the earlier chapters in the series by showing us how to create the kind of atmosphere you would want to bring your date home to! Next month, Spaceships!

A lot of you would have enjoyed Wayne Robson’s guide to Mudbox. Wayne doesn’t only know Mudbox like the back of his hand but has a great way of describing everything. I am sure we will all miss his tutorials, but there is one left to enjoy this month in the shape of a Female Werewolf. Although we will all miss Wayne I can’t contain my excitement about our new 8 part series starting next month, creating a level in the Unreal Games Engine, you are going to love this one!

Well enough with goodbyes, time to say hello to a really cool new series that has provided us with this month’s front cover, ZBrush monster creation. A lot of you may have seen some of the fruits of this series in some of the CG forums, and you will know that this is something to get excited about! Marthin Agusta produces his first tutorial for 3DCreative in this issue and gets us off to a perfect start with his mountain dwelling monster.

Jose Alves da Silva is back in this issue with the second half of our Stylized Toon Animal and Human series. Jose’s kangaroo tutorial was so great we had to get him back to deal with our cartoon human, and he has not let us down. This is a really great series and if cartoons are your thing this is a must have!

This issue is really a visual treat and of course that quality spills over into our gallery which features work from Bruno Melo, Hemant Dangare, Olivier Vernay – Kim and many other superb artists.

You are going to love this one!

What in this month…
Interview: 3D
Artist Dragos Jieanu

The Gallery: 10 of the Best 3D Artworks

Tutorial Series: How to Stylize and Model 'Toon People' - Chapter 1 by Jose Alves da Silva

Tutorial Series: Indoor Lighting Series for 3ds Max MR & V-Ray, Maya & Cinema 4D

Tutorial Series: Mudbox Female Character Creation Chapter 6: Werewolf by Wayne Robson

NEW!! Tutorial Series:ZBrush Monster Character Creation - Chapter 1: Mountain Monster by Marthin Agusta

Making Of: Fat Summer - Project Overview by Indunil Igor Catto


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