Issue 61 | September 2010
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Sometimes things have to change, the warm weather is slowly disappearing and some of you may be heading back from holiday or back to school or university. Sadly we can’t live in an eternal holiday but you can take comfort in the fact the September issue of 3DCreative is out and it is a cracker! Also this month’s issue heralds the 5th birthday of 3DCreative and our desire to create content that is enjoyable to our readers is as strong as ever. If there is anything you would like to see in the magazine or if you would just like to wish us a happy birthday get in touch with me at

A lot of you may have been enjoying spending time outside enjoying the countryside over the last few weeks. Well that doesn’t need to finish just yet as we have with an interview with the fantastic environment artist Olivier Vernay- Kim. Olivier works for Blur studios creating epic scenes for game trailers and has worked in the games industry for some time now and kindly shares his experiences with us.

We will step inside now as we continue our interior lighting tutorial series. This month our artists calm things down a little and show us how to create low level romantic lighting, using just a few light sources. This is the case with all of the artists this month apart from Viktor Fretyán who has jumped forward a month and shown us how to create the lighting from a TV screen. There is no need to worry though, next month Viktor will be showing us how he would create romantic lighting whilst the remaining artists Jamie Cardoso, Luciano Iurino and Fredi Voss talk us through simulating light from a TV.

This month’s cover image comes from the superb Rebeca Puebla. 3DTotal have recently released the fifth volume of the fantastic Digital Art Masters series and to whet your appetite have included a free chapter in this issue of 3DCreative. In the free chapter Rebeca tells us how she created the amazing image on the cover. If you like this, you will love Digital Art Masters Volume 5.

Wayne Robson’s master class in Mudbox Female Character Creation continues this month with a Vampire. Wayne has really treated us this time with epic video’s detailing techniques and processes which are free to download with this issue.

For all of those that have been enjoying our Rigging tutorials we say a sad good bye to Richard Kazuo, Danilo Pinheiro and Luis San Juan Pallares. I think that you will agree that they have treated us to a wealth of valuable knowledge, but next month we move on to something a little less subtle and technical, ZBrush Monsters!

This issue is brimming with further excellent content with an amazing gallery featuring Hans Kristian Andersen, Carlos Ortega and Tarik Ali and a great making of from Indunil Priyanke Ranawake.

Have Fun!
What in this month…
Interview: Olivier Vernay-Kim

The Gallery: 10 of the Best 3D Artworks

DAM v5 Promotion: Free Chapter by Rebeca Puebla

Tutorial Series: Indoor Lighting Series for 3ds Max MR & V-Ray, Maya & Cinema 4D

Tutorial Series: Mudbox Female Character Creation Chapter 5: Vampire by Wayne Robson

Tutorial Series: Introduction to Rigging Series for 3ds Max & Maya

Making Of: Incubator - Project Overview by Indunil Priyanke Ranawake


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