Issue 76 | December 2011
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Well the festive season is here. I presume you are all busy preparing for Christmas, running around the shops finding the best deals you can and wrapping your gifts. Well perhaps you can spare a few moments to take a good look at this month’s magazine which is riddled with treats and stunning tutorials.

This month’s magazine see’s the introduction of two new amazing tutorial series. The first series we will discuss is the series that has provided this month’s cover image. Topology is a fundamental subject of 3D. If you want to be able to animate and manipulate your model you need to be working with clean topology. In this series Diego Maia will be showing us how to create clean topology and how to clean it up if your model requires it. In this issue he starts with an introduction to topology and shows us how to handle topology in some of the trickier areas.

The second of our new series introduced this month is quite different. Many of you will remember the excellent tutorials that have been created by Andrzej Sykut for us in the past. In this issue Andrzej is back to share a new technique with us. Andrzej will be showing us how to mix 3D with photography, using one of the trickiest subject matters to do this, the human body. By creating 3D mechanical parts and adding them to his photographs, Andrzej will be showing us how to create stunningly realistic Cyborgs.

This month’s issue contains the final chapter in our Cartoon animal series which has been a real treat. The series will be wrapped up by Igor Catto who will be showing us how to create a cool sloth. Don’t ask me why the sloth is swinging a bunny around his head, but it makes me laugh every time I look at it. Next month we will be starting an amazing new series about Sculpting Armored Beasts in ZBrush, you are going to love it!

In our SwordMaster Series Gavin Goulden is back and in this issue will be showing us how to turn our high poly sculpt into a games ready low-poly character. I hope you are enjoying this series and are following it step by step. I look forward to seeing all of your low poly characters when the series has finished.

In this month’s interview we have caught up with Brazilian sculpter Mariano Steiner. Mariano is an amazing talented artist so you will love looking at his cool sculpts and images. Equally cool this month is our Making Of, which features the work of Raphael Boyon, who shows us how he created his cool image of a jester.

As well as amazing tutorials this issue features stunning work by the likes of Nikita Volobuev, Jose Alves da Silva, Bertrand Benoit and many more talented artists.

What in this month…
Interview: Mariano Steiner

The Gallery: 10 of the Best 3D Artworks

Tutorial Series: Swordmaster 2:
Chapter 3 - Low Poly Model by Gavin Goulden

Tutorial Series: Cyborgs:
Chapter 1 - Human Hand
by Andrzej Sykut

Tutorial Series: Cartoon Animals
Chapter 6 - Sloth by Igor Catto

Tutorial Series: Topology:
Chapter 1 - An introduction to Topology
by Diego Maia

Making Of: Jester
by Raphael Boyon


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