Issue 65 | February 2011
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Welcome to the February issue of 3DCreative. I wonder how many of you made a New Year’s resolution to try to improve your portfolio, or build on your modelling skills or maybe even get to grips with texturing using Photoshop. If this is your goal then this is the magazine you have been looking for!

We will start on this month’s content by discussing this month’s cover. Our ZBrush monsters series has produced some really great results! You can probably tell that we have been more than impressed with our artist’s contributions by the amount of images from the series that we have given pride of place. This month is no exception, Olive Titouan shows us how he designed and created his fantastic aquatic monster. If you are a ZBrush user this is a must!

From the high poly to the low poly, this month’s interview is with games industry pro Benoit Reginbal. Benoit is a master when it comes to creating low poly characters and painting textures. You will instantly recognise some of his models and will love his cool twist on familiar characters. Keep your eyes out for the items hidden in his models!

We will carry on the games theme and briefly make mention of our Unreal games engine tutorial. Andrew Finch is back again and in this issue he continues to show us how to make accessories for his scene and texture them using Photoshop. I hope your games level is coming on well.

3DTotal’s Richard Tilbury is back again with the next chapter to his Photoshop Post effects series. Rich is a master of all CG trades but when it comes to Photoshop post effects Rich really knows what he is talking about. In this month’s issue Rich shows us how he turned his basic render of a forge into a hot, glowing, steamy environment using only Photoshop. If you are making 3D stills Photoshop is valuable tool, and Rich’s tips this month will really help you speed up your work flow and produce outstanding results.

Mapping and unwrapping is handled in this month’s Creating the Celeritas tutorial and our trustworthy team of artists are back again. In 3dsmax we have Djordje Jovanovic, in Maya we have Luigi Terzi and in Cinema 4D we have Tamás Gyermán.

That leaves us with our Making of and galleries. This month’s Making of is by Martin Kostov with some help from Ivo Jovchev. Martin gives us a great insight into his entire workflow including high poly modeling and texturing. Our gallery is also full of visual treats including images from Sébastien Rousseau, Ke Weilin, Rishikesh Nandlaskar and Carlos Ortega. I think there’s enough in there to keep you going until next month, so until then have fun.
What in this month…
Interview: 3D Artist Benoit Regimbal

The Gallery: 10 of the Best 3D Artworks

Tutorial Series: Photoshop Post Effects: Chapter 2 - Sparks + Glows by Richard Tilbury

Tutorial Series:
Creating the Celeritas: Chapter 4 - Mapping and Unwrapping

Tutorial Series: The Italian Courtyard

Unreal Games Engine Tutorial by Andrew Finch

Tutorial Series: ZBrush Monster Character Creation - Chapter 5: Aquatic Monster by Olive Titouan

Making Of: AH-1Z Viper Helicopter - Project Overview
by Martin Kostov


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