Issue 65 | January 2011
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Hello and a very happy New Year! I am sure you are all feeling well fed and rested after the Christmas period. As I look out of my window now I can see the snow hammering down and it is cold outside! Although the temptation to grab the sledge and head out side is strong, I think I will sit in the warmth and take a look at the January issue of 3DCreative instead.

This month’s magazine is packed out with treats and surprises, but the first on my list is our interview with Chris Nichols. Chris is a great 3D artist who has worked on blockbuster films including his current project Thor. You will recognise a lot of Chris’s work including some of the scenes from the film Invictus which he worked on.

This month’s making of is by Moises Gomes. You may remember his great image Ship from the gallery section ofthe magazine a few month’s back. Well in this month’s magazine Moises talks us through the entire process, from the concept phase through to modeling and even a little matte painting. This one should cater for any 3D fan!

ZBrush Monsters has been an amazing series! Looking at the great images that have been created so far makes me want to give ZBrush a go! This month we are in the capable hands of Jesse Sandifer. If you like me are feeling the cold and prefer it a little warmer you will love this article as Jesse shows us how he created his Volcanic Monster.

Many of you will be itching to read the next chapter in the Unreal Games engine tutorial. Andrew Finch who is currently working at Codemasters will be showing us how to create some accessories for our game level, and how you texture them using photo’s. I hope you are all enjoying this series and I am looking forward to you all sending me your game levels so I can have a go!

This month we start a great new series which will be dealt with by 3DTotal’s Richard Tilbury. Many of you will be used to using Photoshop to improve your 3D stills, but will perhaps also try to create effects in 3D that can be created more efficiently in Photoshop. This is where this great series comes in. Rich will be showing you how to complete your 3D image by adding effects in Photoshop. In this issue Rich will be looking at heat haze, fire and smoke.

Our Creating the Celeritas series has really taken off (sorry!) and in this issue our fantastic 3D pro’s will be showing us how to turn their low poly spaceship into a high poly model. You will all be familiar with the artists involved, but for those who aren’t in Cinema 4D we have Tamas Gyerman, in Maya we have Luigi Terzi and in 3ds Max we have Djordje Jovanovic.

I hope that you all enjoy the first issue of 2011. We have a great variety of tutorials and an amazing gallery including work from Carlos Ortega, Peng Zhao, Bruno Melo and many more! What else could you ask for?

What in this month…
Interview: 3D Artist Chris Nichols

The Gallery: 10 of the Best 3D Artworks

New!! Tutorial Series: Photoshop Post Effects: Chapter 1 - Fire Effect + Heat haze

Tutorial Series:
Creating the Celeritas: Chapter 3 - High Poly Modeling

Tutorial Series: The Italian Courtyard

Unreal Games Engine Tutorial by Andrew Finch

Tutorial Series: ZBrush Monster Character Creation - Chapter 4: Volcanic Monster by Jesse Sandifer

Making Of: The Ship - Project Overview
by Moises Gomes


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