Issue 67 | March 2011
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I can’t believe February has come and gone so quickly! The March issue of 3DCreative is here and as always is brimming with new and fascinating content.  You may notice on our copyright information page that we can happily announce that this year we will be featuring a series by a master of 3D, Marek Denko. Now there is something to look forward to!

So we know the future is bright, but what about the present? Well the present is looking great! We will kick things off this month by talking about this month’s interview, which is with Dreamworks employee Alexis Wanneroy. Alexis has worked on some huge projects, which are actually some of my favourite animated movies. You would find his name in the credits for Kung Fu Panda, Flushed Away, Bee movie and How to Train your Dragon.  I am sure that there are hundreds of you out there who would love an insight into working for a huge studio, well this is your chance!

This issue see’s the final instalment of our Creating the Celeritas tutorial series. I hope you have enjoyed the series. I am looking forward to seeing all of the original spaceships that I am sure you have been modeling. This issue deals with texturing and post production and again we have Djordje Jovanovic in 3ds Max, Luigi Terzi in Maya and Tamás Gyermán in Cinema 4D. Next month we start a new multi software series called Feature Modeling. If you are interested in modeling characters this one is for you.

Richard Tilbury will continue his fantastic Photoshop Post Effects series this month by showing us how to create a space scene using only Photoshop. If you are creating stills this series is a must have! There are some great tips in this one that will save you hours of rendering time, and leave you with some really great work.

I really hope you have been following our Unreal games engine tutorial. Maybe at some point in the future one or two of you could send me your game so I can have a go. Andrew Finch has somehow managed to find time in his packed schedule at Codemasters to create another great tutorial for us. In this issue he shows us how he filled his scene with accessories and features.

We say a sad goodbye to our ZBrush Monsters series this month. This has been a great series and all the artists involved have done a superb job of showing us how to create original and interesting monsters. This month Jonas Skoog talks us through the design and creation of his Jungle monster. There is no need for all you ZBrush users to fear though, as next month we will be starting a new ZBrush series called ZBrush Classical Sculpture which I can tell you now is outstanding!

Well I am swiftly running out of space so I will just mention quickly the fantastic making of in this issue by Brano Florian. This image contains some really nice organic and non-organic modeling and some very tidy texturing which makes this making of well worth checking out. We also have fantastic galleries this month featuring work by Filip Novy, Jesse Sandifer, Jack Zhang and Martin Mayer.

As always I hope you enjoy!
What in this month…
Interview: Alexis Wanneroy

The Gallery: 10 of the Best 3D Artworks

Tutorial Series: Photoshop Post Effects: Chapter 3 - Space by Richard Tilbury

Tutorial Series:
Creating the Celeritas: Chapter 5 - Texturing

Tutorial Series: The Italian Courtyard

Unreal Games Engine Tutorial by Andrew Finch

Tutorial Series: ZBrush Monster Character Creation - Chapter 6: Jungle Monster by Jonas Skoog

Making Of: Wal-Mart 2161 - Project Overview
by Brano Florian


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