Issue 75 | November 2011
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Well I hope you all had a great Halloween and have been enjoying munching your way through all your treats, or still laughing about your tricks. November is here, the nights are darker and firework season is upon us. There is no need for us to wait until the 5th of November to get things off to a bang though, simply flick through this month’s explosive magazine!

Our cartoon animals series has been great so far, with many of the fantastic images making their way onto the cover of the magazine. This month’s cartoon animal is no exception. Borislav Kechashki uses both 3ds Max and ZBrush as he talks us through the creation of his stunning cartoon Scorpion. This is a great little tutorial that covers a little bit of everything, so if you are thinking about starting a new project this would be a great starting point.

I hope you all enjoyed the first chapter of our new Swordmaster series. If you missed the first chapter, make sure you pick up last month’s months magazine so you can follow the latest installment where Gavin Goulden will be talking us through the sculpting process. This is a really great series made up of step by step instructions that if followed to the letter will ensure that you to make a stunning games character.

I don’t know about you but I have been really enjoying Dhilip Somesh’s Futuristic Vehicles tutorial series. Making the most of both 3ds Max and Photoshop Dhilip has been showing us how to make stunning stills of Futuristic Vehicles. In this issue he will be turning his attention to a big, bulky, dirty resource collector. This is a great way to get stunning results in a short period of time and is well-worth ago.

I am sure all of you Vue users have been loving Alex Popescu’s stunning insight into the software. Alex has done a great job of talking us through both technical and artistic decisions and in this final chapter of his series he will doing more of the same as he talks us through creating a snowy, mountainous scene. There is no need to be sad though as next month’s we will be replacing this series with a great set of tutorials about Topology.

This month’s interview is with an amazing artist who specializes in the use of Mudbox. Kenichi Nishida tells us a little about how he got into the 3D industry and the techniques he uses in his every day work. From Mudbox sculpting to 3ds Max Interiors our interview and Making Of couldn’t be more contrasting. In this month’s Making Of Jacinto Monteiro will be showing us how he created his stunningly realistic image of the library at the University he studied in.

This just leaves us with this month’s gallery which (as always) is full to the brim of some of best of the current 3D artwork in the community. This month’s gallery features work from Mathias Herbster, Francesco Corvino, Jin Hee Lee and many more amazing artists.


What in this month…
Interview: Kenichi Nishida

The Gallery: 10 of the Best 3D Artworks

Tutorial Series: Swordmaster 2:
Chapter 2 - Sculpting by Gavin Goulden

Tutorial Series: Futuristic Vehicles:
Chapter 3 - Resource Collector
by Dhilip Somesh

Tutorial Series: Cartoon Animals
Chapter 5 - Scorpion by Borislav Kechashki

Tutorial Series: Vue Environment Creation:
Chapter 4 - River Valley by Alex Popescu

Making Of: FAUP - Path to Knowledge
by Jacinto Monteiro


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