Issue 74 | October 2011
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Every now and then a magazine stands out as being particularly good. That is not to say that there is ever a bad issue, but this month’s 3Dcreative is truly outstanding.

I am going to start by talking about something really exciting. Many of you will have been reading our magazine for years now and will be more than familiar with our Swordmaster series which was originally in the magazine in 2006. In fact for many of you following the Swordmaster series may have been your first attempt at 3D. Well the Swordmaster has been updated and is back better than ever! Ignacio Bazan Lazcano has created some stunning concept work for our new character which has been handed to the outrageously talented Gavin Goulden. Gavin will be talking us through turning the concept art into 3D games characters ready for action! Gavin will be handling the series in both 3ds Max and Maya, and will provide step by step instructions for everything that he does. Gavin will also be sharing tips which he has picked up from years in the CG industry, that you can’t put a price on. This really is a great series worth following so I hope you enjoy it. I look forward to seeing all of your games characters.

Last month we started the new series about creating futuristic vehicles. This is a really interesting series which encourages you to use 3D to create stunning 2D visuals. Using 3D as a base Dhilip Somesh talks us through how to use Photoshop to add the detail and color to your images with jaw dropping results. In this issue Dhilip shows us how to make a cool sci-fi racer which he has called the Vectromer.

Our cartoon animal’s series has been a lot of fun and the final images have been great and this month’s cartoon animal is no exception. In this issue we venture the deeps to see how Luis Arigaza Rico created his cool cartoon Squid.

Alex Popescu has been doing an amazing job of talking us through how to create stunning visuals using Vue. Alex has created some stunning images as well as giving us great advice as to how we can do the same. In this issue Alex talks us through creating an epic underwater cave and shows us how he brings all of the elements together to make a cave look as daunting and impressive as it would in the real world.

This month’s interview gives us an opportunity to learn a little about a great and very interesting artist by the name of Victor Hugo. Victor has submitted some brilliant images to the 3DTotal galleries recently so we thought we would catch up with him and find out a little about him. Victor has been great at answering our questions and even tells us about one of the funny answers he gave in his first interview for a CG job.

This month’s making of is by Gun Phil Park who tells us how he captured the essence of Jimi Hendrix in his image the Guitarist. We also have a stunning gallery featuring work by Eugenio Garcia, Caio César, Andrew Hickinbottom and Igor Kudryavtsev. I am sure you will agree with me, this is a really good on!


What in this month…
Interview: Victor Hugo

The Gallery: 10 of the Best 3D Artworks

Tutorial Series: Swordmaster 2:
Chapter 1 - Base Model by Gavin Goulden

Tutorial Series: Futuristic Vehicles:
Chapter 2 - Vectromer
by Dhilip Somesh

Tutorial Series: Cartoon Animals
Chapter 4 - Squid by Luis Arizaga Rico

Tutorial Series: Vue Environment Creation:
Chapter 1 - The Cave by Alex Popescu

Making Of: Guitarist
by Gun Phil Park


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