Issue 73 | September 2011
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Welcome to the 73rd issue of 3DCreative magazine. So what does September have in store for you? Is it time to go back to reality and head on back to school, college or University? Whatever you face over the next month 3Dcreative is here to give you your fix of 3D training and inspiration.

I think you will all agree with me that this month’s cover image is an absolute cracker! Jose Alves da Silva always impresses with both his outstanding artwork and his generosity in sharing the entire process from beginning to end with us. In this month’s Cartoon Animals tutorial Jose will be showing us step by step everything he did to create his jaw-dropping cartoon armadillo.

We said a fond farewell to our Low-Poly Characters tutorial last month, but the good news is that we have a great new series that I think you are going to love! Futuristic vehicles are a common subject matter in digital art. When you are creating a model to be animated it can be a long drawn out process unwrapping and texturing the whole image, but what if it is just for a still? The power of Photoshop is revealed again in our new Futuristic vehicles series, where Dhilip Somesh will be showing us how to take a basic un-textures car model and turn it into a cool still of a futuristic vehicle using tools in Photoshop.

Last month we started our first ever Vue tutorial series where Alex Popescu showed us how to get great results in a short period of time using Vue and Photoshop. In this issue Alexwill be showing us how we can adjust our approach to create a totally different kind of scene, in this case an underwater coral reef. Yet again the results are really impressive.

Well it is time to say a sad goodbye. This issue contains the final chapter in the Modeling Features of the Human Anatomy series. We say farewell to Jose Lazaro, Lino Masciulli and Anto Juricic who will be wrapping things up by showing us how they create skin for their models in their professional work. The astute of you will have noticed that there was a name missing from that list, the reason it is missing is not because Gavin Goulden has not prepared a tutorial about skin, but because we are not ready to say goodbye to him just yet. In next month’s issue we will be starting a groundbreaking new series which Gavin will be helping us with; Swordmaster 2!

Wow I am running out of space. I better be quick to tell you about the amazing making of in this issue by Carlos Ortega. I have no doubt that you will remember his cool image May Gift, well in this issue he tells us how it was done. We also have a great interview with VFX specialist Mikael Genachte and a breath-taking gallery featuring work by Rudolf Herzog, Pedro Conti, Tomas Müller and many more outstanding artists.


What in this month…
Interview: Mikael Genachte

The Gallery: 10 of the Best 3D Artworks

Tutorial Series: Modeling Features of the Human Anatomy: Chapter 6 - Skin

Tutorial Series: Futuristic Vehicles:
Chapter 1 - Amphibious Vehicle
by Dhilip Somesh

Tutorial Series: Cartoon Animals
Chapter 3 - Armadillo by Jose Alves da Silva

Tutorial Series: Vue Environment Creation:
Chapter 1 - The Reef by Alex Popescu

Making Of: May Gift
by Carlos Ortega


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