Issue 79 | March 2012
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Hello and welcome to the 79th issue of 3DCreative. I don’t know about where you are, but we are just starting to get some glimpses of spring and the coming warmer weather here in the UK. Many would say that it is an inspirational time of year and perhaps time to take on a new project. Well if a little spark or direction is what you are after there is no need to look any further than this month’s 3DCreative!

Top of the PECKING order this month, and making its way onto our EGGSELLENT cover, is a fantastic image by a regular contributor to 3DCreative, Jose Alves da Silva. We thought it would be nice to break up our aggressive-looking ZBrush Armored Beasts series by throwing in a little humor, and the first name that came to my head to do that for us was Jose’s. Jose doesn’t just share parts of his process with us, but walks us through every step he went through to create his stunning image, so if ZBrush is your program of choice you really must give this a go.

Before I start making more bad jokes I will move on to talk about our Swordmaster series. I really hope you guys have been paying close attention to all the amazing advice that Gavin Goulden has given us in this amazing series. In the final installment he talks us through how to set up the render and present our cool low poly models to impress potential employers and clients. Gavin has done a great job and we are really grateful for all of his hard work. In next month’s magazine we move onto something new to 3DCreative: FX Particles and Dynamics!

In fact, this month’s magazine is full of goodbyes. We also say a fond farewell to Andrzej Sykut, who wraps up his amazing Cyborg’s series with a brilliant spy snail. I have really loved everything that Andrzej has done, but this image has to be my favorite from the series. You know someone has done a good job when it becomes hard to tell where the 3D finishes and the photograph starts, and this is definitely the case with this fantastic image. Next month we will be starting a great new series about using concepts to create great models of droids, so stay tuned!

Another series that is drawing to an end this month is our Topology series by Diego Maia. Diego concludes his guide to achieving clean topology by talking us through how to model hard surfaces. The new series to replace this will be totally different as we learn how to model a realistic head in 3ds Max and Maya.

I’m swiftly running out of space so I will just quickly remind you to take a look at the interview with cartoon king Carlos Ortega, the Making Of by Tamas Gyerman and the stunning gallery featuring work by John Thiry, Neil Maccormack, Titouan Olive and many more.


What in this month…
Interview: Carlos Ortega

The Gallery: 10 of the Best 3D Artworks

Tutorial Series: Swordmaster 2:
Chapter 6 - Rendering by Gavin Goulden

Tutorial Series: Cyborgs:
Chapter 4 - Spy Snail
by Andrzej Sykut

Tutorial Series: Armored Beasts
Chapter 3 - Chicken by Jose Alves da Silva

Tutorial Series: Topology:
Chapter 4 - Hard Surfaces
by Diego Maia

Making Of: Rallypoint - Outer Rim
by Tamás Gyermán


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