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Issue 76 | December 2011

If you want to be able to animate and manipulate your model you need to be working with clean topology. In this series Diego Maia will be showing us how to create clean topology and how to clean it up if your model requires it. In this issue he starts with an introduction to topology and shows us how to handle topology in some of the trickier areas....more

Released : 30 / November / 2011
097 pages
Price : £2.75 (approx $3.78 - €2.93)

Issue 75 | November 2011

Our cartoon animals series has been great so far, with many of the fantastic images making their way onto the cover of the magazine. This month’s cartoon animal is no exception. Borislav Kechashki uses both 3ds Max and ZBrush as he talks us through the creation of his stunning cartoon Scorpion....more

Released : 01 / November / 2011
133 pages
Price : £2.75 (approx $3.78 - €2.93)

Issue 74 | October 2011

The number one training resource for games characters is here again, and with Gavin Goulden at the helm Sword Master 2 is a must for any CG enthusiast. Gavin will be handling the series in both 3ds Max and Maya, and will provide step by step instructions for everything that he does....more

Released : 04 / October / 2011
115 pages
Price : £2.75 (approx $3.78 - €2.93)

Issue 73 | September 2011

I think you will all agree with me that this month’s cover image is an absolute cracker! Jose Alves da Silva always impresses with
both his outstanding artwork and his generosity in sharing the entire process from beginning to end with us. In this month’s Cartoon Animals tutorial Jose will be showing us step by step everything he did to create his jaw-dropping cartoon armadillo....more

Released : 31 / August / 2011
096 pages
Price : £2.75 (approx $3.78 - €2.93)

Issue 72 | August 2011

This month 3dcreative interview the amazingly talented Blizzard artist Sam Yang. Sam was brought to my attention recently when looking through some of the CG forums. He has created a great portfolio of work in a short time and has managed to land himself one of the most desirable jobs in the CG industry....more

Released : 01 / August / 2011
084 pages
Price : £2.75 (approx $3.78 - €2.93)

Issue 71 | July 2011

This month’s cover image is the outstanding work of Rafael Ghencev who in this issue wraps up our classic sculpture series by showing us how he textured his outstanding Roman bust....more

Released : 04 / July / 2011
088 pages
Price : £2.75 (approx $3.78 - €2.93)

Issue 70 | June 2011

The Classical Sculpture series has been a real surprise package. The tutorials have been an insight into not only the history of sculpture and its varying styles, but also into some of the amazing tools available in ZBrush. In this issue Rafael Ghencev turns his attention to Roman Sculpture and specifically a bust...more

Released : 01 / June / 2011
086 pages
Price : £2.75 (approx $3.78 - €2.93)

Issue 69 | May 2011
In this series Tamara Bakhlycheva will show us the entire process she uses to create her Low Poly Character from the concept through to the final production of the image. In this first chapter she sets of at an alarming rate and talks about the concepts and models the character!...more
Released : 03 / May / 2011
092 pages
Price : £2.75 (approx $3.78 - €2.93)

Issue 68 | April 2011
Classical art influences modern art all of the time, in fact the style and techniques of the pioneering artists have stayed with us and played a part in the design and set up of many of our digital art packages. In our new series ZBrush Classical sculpture Rafael Ghencev shows us how to sculpt in a classical style. As you can tell from the cover he has done a great job!...more
Released : 31 / March / 2011
085 pages
Price : £2.75 (approx $3.78 - €2.93)

Issue 67 | March 2011
We say a sad goodbye to our ZBrush Monsters series this month. This has been a great series and all the artists involved have done a superb job of showing us how to create original and interesting monsters. This month Jonas Skoog talks us through the design and creation of his Jungle monster...more
Released : 01 / March / 2011
097 pages
Price : £2.75 (approx $3.78 - €2.93)

Issue 66 | February 2011
3DTotal’s Richard Tilbury is back again with the next chapter to his Photoshop Post effects series. Rich is a master of all CG trades but when it comes to Photoshop post effects Rich really knows what he is talking about. In this month’s issue Rich shows us how he turned his basic render of a forge into a hot, glowing, steamy environment using only Photoshop...more
Released : 03 / February / 2011
094 pages
Price : £2.75 (approx $3.78 - €2.93)

Issue 65 | January 2011
ZBrush Monsters has been an amazing series! Looking at the great images that have been created so far makes me want to give ZBrush a go! This month we are in the capable hands of Jesse Sandifer. If you like me are feeling the cold and prefer it a little warmer you will love this article as Jesse shows us how he created his Volcanic Monster...more
Released : 07 / January / 2011
142 pages
Price : £2.75 (approx $3.78 - €2.93)

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