Issue 92 | April 2013
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Happy Easter and welcome to the April issue of 3DCreative! We've dug ourselves out from under an unseasonable pile of snow this month to continue our proud tradition of showcasing some of the best artwork from some of the best digital artists from around the world. With a gallery full of first-rate images, no less than four tutorial series bursting with helpful hints and an interview with the talented Mr Mike Johnson, this edition is sure to impress!

In our excellent tutorials section this month, we see the continuation of some of our most informative and visually stunning tutorials to date. Arturo Garcia, working as ever in 3ds Max, explores the environment and backgrounds in his second-to-last instalment in the Beginner’s Guide to Modelling Vehicles series.  In Maya, Renato Gonzalez Aguilante uses the results of last month’s tutorial to recreate the designs and concepts in post-production.

In our ZBrush Speed Sculpting tutorial, talented artist Mariano Steiner shares the interesting techniques he uses to create that perfect partial-zombie-corpse in his set of all-inclusive, how-to videos. And if that wasn't enough, we see the introduction of a brand new series on applying realistic textures and materials to objects, which is one of the most problematic areas in digital art. Luciano Iurino tackles the tricky topic of shaders, successfully breaking down all the major processes in his insightful tutorial and, as a bonus, he's supplied his model and textures for you to experiment with!

Our interview team catch up with top notch environment, lighting and compositing artist Mike ‘Murda’ Johnson to get an enlightening glimpse into his career so far; from his cartoon-sketching childhood in New York City, to working as a scene assembler for one of the most prominent visual effects, animation and design studios in the digital arts world.

Jean-Francois Liesenborghs breaks down his breathtaking vision of New Cathedral in this month’sfascinating Making Of article. From those first individual building blocks, to crafting an entire cityscape (complete with rolling clouds, stunning spires and a selection of well-rendered space-ships), the sheer level of detail in this tutorial is astounding!

And last, but by no means least, is our fantastic gallery, which again features ten of the most striking examples of digital art from fantastic artists such as Luca Nemolato, Nicolas Vallée and Tomasz Strzalkowski. If you're looking for inspiration then you need look no further than the April 2013 issue of 3DCreative magazine!


What in this month…
Interview: Mike Johnson

The Gallery: 10 of the Best 3D Artworks

Tutorial Series: Beginners Guide to Modeling
Futuristic Vehicles - Chapter 7

Tutorial Series: Character Animation:
Chapter 3 - Walking to Running

Tutorial Series: Creating Realistic Shaders
Chapter 1

Tutorial Series: ZBrush Speed Sculpting 2:
Chapter 3 - Zombie

Making Of: New Cathedral
by Jean-Francois Liesenborghs


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