Issue 91 | March 2013
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Welcome to the March issue of 3DCreative! This month we see the end of one of our long-running tutorial series and introduce some new work in our ZBrush Character Sculpting series. Bursting with another array of brilliant digital artwork from top artists, and with an insightful interview by digital arts veteran Rodrigue Pralier, you definitely won’t want to miss this issue!

This month in our tutorials section, we near the end of our fascinating series on modeling vehicles. Arturo Garcia explores the technicalities behind constructing the perfect texture on his 3ds Max-based model of a forest vehicle, and in Maya, Renato Gonzalez Aguilante tackles lighting and rendering in preparation for post-production work.

We also continue on with Camilo Duarte Franco’s highly informative animation series. Using his usual comprehensive reference material and intuitive knowledge of portraying movement, Camilo talks us through making a model walk up the stairs.
Our ZBrush Character Sculpting tutorial this month is brought to us by talented CG artist Nils Meyer. Here, Nils shares invaluable techniques on creating a realistic model and skin texture on his humanoid alien creature.

Finally, in his concluding chapter on creating the beautifully crafted Submarine Pen in UDK, Andrew Finch takes us through applying some of those all-important finishing touches in his scene.

We also have a fascinating interview with artist Rodrigue Pralier who describes his life so far in the digital arts realm. From his humble beginnings studying science in high school, to making lead character artist on Mass Effect 3, Rodrigue talks us through how he found himself working on some of the biggest titles in gaming.

In our Making Of this month, Rakan Jandali gives us a sneak peek into creating his Mondrian-inspired hotel room, featured in January’s issue of 3DCreative. Filled with useful tips on everything from concept creation to camera settings, Rakan’s Making Of is sure to inspire your inner architect.

Finally, don’t forget to check out our all-important gallery, which features some of the greatest 3D digital artwork from some of the most talented digital artists around today. Once again, with our top notch contributors and aesthetic artwork, this issue is out to impress!


What in this month…
Interview: Rodrigue Pralier

The Gallery: 10 of the Best 3D Artworks

Tutorial Series: Beginners Guide to Modeling
Futuristic Vehicles - Chapter 6

Tutorial Series: Character Animation:
Chapter 2
- Walking up Stairs

Tutorial Series: The Submarine Pen
Chapter 9 - Final Polish Stage and Completion

Tutorial Series: ZBrush Speed Sculpting 2:
Chapter 2 - Alien

Making Of: Mondrian-Inspired Hotel Room
by Rakan Jandali


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