Issue 93 | May 2013
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Welcome to another issue of 3DCreative. It finally feels like spring here and we’re ready to brush off the cobwebs and roll in some fresh, new artwork for you guys to enjoy!

First, we have a double instalment of interviews this month, featuring two talented artists in the CG realm. Andy Bruning bares his background in digital art, leading up to his position as a 3D generalist at leading 3D animation studio Vetor Zero; and Adam Fisher gives us an insight into working as a freelancer and as a 3D artist for a simulation games company.

We also have an architectural-themed Making Of article written by Diego Querol, who gives us a breakdown of the modeling, texturing and lighting techniques in his Sandra Tarruella-inspired piece: The Japanese.

We're moving on to running and jumping in our six-part tutorial series in animation, where Camilo Duarte Franco talks us through creating a jump reference, blocking, and adding splines to his female character. Check out the excellent animated videos to see how those settings and parameters on the splines and blocks work out in CG animation.

Luciano Iurino gives us part two of his detailed and informative series on shaders. This issue, he focuses on applying and developing those more complex shaders to his control panel model in preparation for the final lighting chapter next month.

In the final chapter in our epic eight-part series, Modeling Vehicles for Beginners, Renato Gonzalez Aguilante and Arturo Garcia begin working on those all-important finishing touches. In 3ds Max, Arturo picks up post-production on his forest vehicle using V-Ray and the OpenEXR format, and Renato imports his finished passes from Maya into Photoshop to complete his own Maya-made forest vehicle.

Last month we saw the last of our ZBrush speed sculpting projects, so this month we start afresh with a brand new series on creating that perfect ZBrush alien. To start us off, Tudor Fat shows us how to create a wheeled alien figure in his in-depth and comprehensive tutorial entitled The Engineer.

With the closing of some series however, comes the dawn of a new set, so don’t miss our June issue of 3DCreative, where we see the start of a new series on character modeling. This new series will take you from those first steps into character modeling to the final posed render in no less than eight parts, and again, cover tips and techniques for both 3ds Max and Maya users.

So after perusing our amazing articles and excellent images, don’t forget to come back next month to check out our new series!


What in this month…
Interview: Adam Fisher and Andy Bruning

The Gallery: 10 of the Best 3D Artworks

Tutorial Series: Beginners Guide to Modeling
Futuristic Vehicles - Chapter 8

Tutorial Series: Character Animation:
Chapter 4 - Running and Jumping

Tutorial Series: Creating Realistic Shaders
Chapter 2

Tutorial Series: ZBrush Aliens:
Chapter 1

Making Of: The Japanese
by Diego Querol


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