Issue 97 | September 2013
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Welcome to the September 2013 issue of 3dcreative magazine!

In my first month as editor, I’ve had an awesome welcome from aliens, robots and even Shakespeare! This issue is packed with cool characters including the amazing alien featured on the cover and a strange plant creature which Tanoo Choorat teaches us how to make on page 28. But if hard surfaces are more your thing, we have a project overview for Tim Diaz’s jet turbine and plenty of cars and mechs in the gallery too!

We also catch up with Victor Hugo to celebrate the Trojan Horse was a Unicorn festival taking place in Portugal this month – sunshine and digital art… we’re not jealous at all!

Here at 3DTotal, we’re looking forward to seeing your creations in the gallery soon!


What in this month…

Behind the scenes with Victor Hugo
Industry favourite Victor Hugo shares his story so far and discusses the upcoming THU festival

The art of fantasy characters
Ken Barthelmey talks about translating his incredible concepts into three dimensions using the digital sculpting software, ZBrush

Art Gallery
10 of the most inspiring 3D images from the world of CG, hand-picked just for you!

Create organic creature concepts
Tanoo Choorat describes how he created his plant-inspired creature in ZBrush and Photoshop

Learn to rig and unwrap characters
Andrew Hickinbottom talks through how he prepares a character and unwraps UVs for texturing

Texture a stylised character
Seid Tursic reveals an affective workflow to extract UV maps for texturing in 3ds Max

Master UV creation in Maya
Learn to make better characters with Patrick Evrard's guide to creating and applying UVs

Learn photoreal textures and shaders
Dan Roarty shares his method of perfecting textures and shaders in Maya for a photoreal finish

3D sketches by Magdalena Dadela
Magdalena Dadela uncovers her captivating 3D portfolio in this issue's sketch article

Model and texture a jet turbine
3D artist Tim Diaz walks through the entire process for creating his intricate image, Jet Turbine


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