Issue 108 | August 2014
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Emalee’s left us, and everyone at 3dtotal HQ is going to miss her! It’s my first month as editor, and I hope you enjoy all the great content in this issue.

This month we speak to Argentine animation legend Juan José Campanella ahead of his star-studded new family movie, The Unbeatables. Louie Tucci shares his pearls of industry wisdom and gives us a sneaky peek at a 3D printer in action. John A. Martini cooks an actual burger in pursuit of his art, and Cézar Brandão shares a look behind one of his beautiful portraits.

We’ve also got a whole host of excellent images, tutorials, and resources to aid and inspire you, so get stuck in!






What in this month…

Breaking into the mainstream
Acclaimed director Juan José Campanella shares a fresh perspective on the film industry

Pursuing a diverse industry career
Louie Tucci talks about his varied occupations as an artist, teacher and brand manager

Sketch epic creatures in ZBrush
Creature artist João Fiuza shares his dynamic sketching process

Art Gallery
10 of the most inspiring 3D images from the world of CG, hand-picked just for you!

Coloring with Polypaint in ZBrush
Kurt Papstein reveals how to enhance your characters with the ZBrush Polypaint feature

Master still-life textures and shading
Improve your still-life skills with John A. Martini’s expert guidance

Texture an expert exterior
Create a convincing outdoor scene with Richard Tilbury’s texturing and mapping techniques

Light and render realistic cars
Hasan Bajramović shares how to light and render the perfect vintage car in 3ds Max

Create photoreal car materials
Alexandr Novitsky shares how to create and light the materials of a realistic vintage car in Maya

Create emotive images
Cézar Brandão reveals the techniques behind his image, Pure

Design alien explorers in ZBrush
Discover how James Suret brought these alien archeologists and their enormous mech to life

Digital Art Master: Mafia Man
Learn how Siamak Roshani crafted his stunning character image, Mafia Man




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