Issue 112 | December 2014
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It’s December and the seasons are changing – all the more reason to stoke those creative fires! In this month’s issue, we chat with Marcello Baldari about his Polysketches, Pior Oberson about his brilliant character designs, and Djordje Nagulov about his anatomical studies. Learn how to create environments with Vue and ZBrush, improve your work processes in Maya, brush up on your Polypainting skills, and much more besides.

We have a gallery full of stunning images, and plenty of fun projects and useful resources to keep you inspired and busy during those winter nights. We’re looking forward to welcoming in another exciting, productive year full of great art, and hope you are too!










What in this month…

Mastering stylized character design        
We catch up with pro character artist Pior Oberson and his latest projects

Experimenting with ZBrush
Freelance artist Marcello Baldari shares his story and a selection of work

Working with symbolism
Michele Durazzi walks us through his imaginative mini-series Once Upon a Time

Sculpting anatomy in ZBrush
Djordje Nagulov shares his bold, naturalistic ZBrush sculpts

Art Gallery
10 of the most inspiring 3D images from the world of CG, hand-picked just for you!

Streamline your Maya workflow
Jahirul Amin reveals 15 top tips to enhance your Maya skills

Enhance your characters with color
Will Schneller reveals his Polypaint and texturing processes

Develop environments with ZBrush
Devon Fay and Joy Lea share their ZBrush techniques of choice

Craft a forest scene in Vue
Massimo Verona walks us through creating an eerie forest environment

Design appealing fantasy creatures
Raul Tavares shares the process behind his villainous dragon character Balthazar

Sculpt a sci-fi heroine
Alex Vasin reveals the modeling and texturing workflow for Sci-fi Girl

Digital Art Master: Abs Man
Learn how Marat Ars crafted his fantastic character image, Abs Man






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