Issue 102 | February 2014
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This month, it is time to get started on some exciting new projects! Learn how to create a strong basis for your images with previz guidance to help you develop photoreal scenes and classic cars. You can also find out how to turn your photographs into perfect tillable textures with our guide to creating a texture library.

Sze Jones talks about going it alone to start her own business following a career in some of the gaming industry’s best studios. Plus, we hear Ziggy Hentze’s inspiring story about how encountering ZBrush sent him down an unexpected career path.

With all this and a gallery full of incredible images, you’re sure to find something inside to motivate you!

Here at 3DTotal, we’re looking forward to seeing your creations in the gallery soon!


What in this month…

Crafting iconic characters
Sze Jones talks about her character design career and her new business venture, Cyber Geisha

Building a career in 3D jewelry
Ziggy Hentze shares his remarkable journey from military man to designing ZBrush jewelry

Refine your skills with sketching
Niyazi Selimoglu shares how he improved his 3D abilities by recreating fantastic art in ZBrush

Art Gallery
10 of the most inspiring 3D images from the world of CG, hand-picked just for you!

Master previz for photoreal scenes
John A. Martini breaks down the best ways to begin a photorealistic scene

Accurately model a photorealistic car
Hasan Bajramović explains how to create a solid basis for a photoreal car in 3ds Max

Create a classic car in Maya
Discover the first steps towards creating a photoreal Delage D8 120 with Alexandr Novitskiy

Convert photographs into textures
Richard Tilbury explains how to alter images in Photoshop and create your own textures

Sculpt distinctive creatures
Zsolt Vida reveals his pipelines for creating expressive fantasy characters in ZBrush

Transform drawings into 3D
Victor Hugo Sousa shares the processes behind his 3D translation of Thiago Almeida’s concept art

Design contemporary architecture
Juan Carlos Ramos Figueroa describes how he designed and created his Pyramid House

Digital Art Master: Simplicity
Learn how Alberth Costa da Silva crafts incredible arch-viz scenes using 3ds Max and V-Ray



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