Issue 106 | June 2014
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So many of the great 3D artists we speak to tell us how important history and traditional art is to them when it comes to references and inspiration, but in this issue of 3dcreative, we will be looking at what 3D skills can bring to the world of art history!

Carlos Bayod Lucini explains how he and artist Manuel Franquelo have developed the Lucida scanner which, with the help of a few 3D artists, perfectly recreates historic monuments, preserving the original for generations to come.

We also speak to Rockstar North’s Wayne Robson about his diverse career in 3D, MPC’s Federico Scarbini about his impressive sculpting skills, and last but not least, provide another tutorial-packed issue featuring both photoreal and imaginative modeling.




What in this month…

Protecting the past with 3D
Carlos Bayod Lucini explains the role of 3D scanning
in preserving Tuthankhamun’s tomb

Becoming a 3D polymath
Rockstar North’s senior environment artist Wayne Robson shares his secrets for honing your skills

Creative ZBrush sketching
MPC’s Federico Scarbini reveals how he explores his ideas in 3D

Art Gallery
10 of the most inspiring 3D images from the world of CG, hand-picked just for you!

Design compelling compositions
Character design legend Kurt Papstein reveals his ZBrush pipelines for posing his creations

Photoreal texturing tips
John A. Martini explains how he unwraps, textures and shades his incredible still life images

Light and render mapped textures
Nick G. Gizelis shares how to get the best from your textures with post-production techniques

Photoreal car interiors in 3ds Max
Hasan Bajramović explains how to add realism to car models through detailing the interior

Model vehicle furnishings in Maya
Create balance between the interior and exterior of a vintage car model

Create convincing characters
Bring concepts to life with a behind-the-scenes look at Yuri Alexander’s Maya and ZBrush workflow

Master a quick portfolio still
Livio Rajh shares how he created the image ZBilder in ZBrush

Digital Art Master: King of Fools
Learn how Patrick Evrard crafted his incredible stylized image King of Fools



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