Issue 103 | March 2014
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Fact: Mathieu Aerni created our cover image Get out of my yard!!! in just one night! This issue, Mathieu demonstrates that incredible 3D images don’t need to take days to create. With an understanding of sculpting anatomy and materials, you can generate interesting characters in next no time at all! Add to this helpings of character inspiration from the exceptionally talented Katon Callaway, and you get an issue packed with industry insights and helpful techniques.

We also welcome Johan Svensson to share some insight on his career. Plus, check out our guides to modeling photoreal cars in both 3ds Max (P80) and Maya (P88) to inspire your professional pipelines. Enjoy!

Here at 3DTotal, we’re looking forward to seeing your creations in the gallery soon!


What in this month…

Becoming a world-class character artist
Sony Santa Monica lead character artist Katon Callaway reveals the secrets of his progression

Taking charge in VFX careers
Johan Svensson shares his approach to the games and editorial VFX industries

Explore your ideas with ZBrush
Robert Goldney shares how he develops his 3D sketching skills and brings stories to life in ZBrush

Art Gallery
10 of the most inspiring 3D images from the world of CG, hand-picked just for you!

Sculpt expressive characters
Mathieu Aerni explains how to effectively create interesting characters with ZBrush

Model photoreal objects from life
John A. Martini explains how to model objects for perfectly realistic still life scenes in Maya

Accurately detail a classic car
Hasan Bajramović runs through the process of adding design elements to vehicles in 3ds Max

Refine vehicle geometry
Follow Alexandr Novitskiy’s guide to replicating the design of a vintage car in Maya

Generate Bump and Specular maps
Richard Tilbury explains how to bring textures to life through effective mapping in Photoshop

Create dynamic landscapes in Vue
Discover the processes behind Dmitriy Eremenkov’s impressive tornado scene Cataclysm

Designing sculptures in ZBrush
Cameron Farn reveals his ZBrush pipeline for designing large-scale physical sculptures

Digital Art Master: Game of Life
Learn how Hu Zheng crafted his iconic 3D depiction of life and death



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