Issue 105 | May 2014
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We are constantly amazed by the advancements in 3D printing, repeatedly blowing our excitable minds! So this month we have brought in Francis Bitonti, best known for his collaborative 3D-printed dress worn by Dita Von Teese, to talk to us about careers in 3D design and his exciting new collaborations with MakerBot and 3D Hubs.

Also, games mini extraordinaire, Justin Bintz walks us through how he developed a Sean Andrew Murray drawing into a perfect, print-ready miniature for an upcoming board game project.

On top of this, we look at the excellent craftsmanship of our cover artist, Pablo Muñoz Gomez’s ZBrush sketchbook, as well as checking out Kurt Papstein’s speedy sculpting and much, much more.



What in this month…

3D-printed fashion
World famous designer Francis Bitonti on his career and Cloud Collection of printable objects

Craft your own style
Koen Koopman explains how he developed his own recognizable style

ZBrush sculpting techniques
Pablo Muñoz Gomez shares his 3D sketchbook full of evocative characters

Art Gallery
10 of the most inspiring 3D images from the world of CG, hand-picked just for you!

Speed up your ZBrush workflow
Kurt Papstein reveals how he develops imaginative character models with speed and precision

Master photoreal texturing
3ds Max pro, John A. Martini shares his texturing tips from unwrapping to shading and lighting

Perfect vintage car geometry
Hasan Bajramović explains how the Array tool can speed up modeling details in 3ds Max

Finalize detailed classic cars
Follow Alexandr Novitskiy’s Maya pipelines for perfecting the trims and details of a car model

Extract and refine texture maps
Nick G. Gizelis shares how to extract, bake and perfect texture maps for cinematic characters

Create mythological creatures
Brahim Azizi shares the workflow behind his detailed fantasy image Barbarian Minotaur

2D concept to print-ready mini
Justin Bintz transforms Sean Andrew Murray’s design into a board game model in ZBrush

Digital Art Master: Bruce Lee
Learn how Alexander Beim crafted his incredible photoreal portrait of Bruce Lee



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