Issue 111 | November 2014
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This month’s magazine is chock full of brilliant characters and creatures from a host of talented artists. We’re designing alien monsters and fantastical godlike beings, catching up with pro character sculptor Glauco Longhi, and taking a ride through Jonathan Ball’s technicolor world of teddy bears and giant rampaging robots. Something for everybody!

We’ll also be taking a peek at ZBrush sketches by game artist Lance Wilkinson, studying human musculature with Jahirul Amin, and learning some post-production tricks from Omer Messler. On top of that, we’ve got a helping of great inspirational images for you to enjoy. In short, everything you need to get that creative buzz going. Keep on modeling!









What in this month…

Creating surreal cartoon worlds
We talk to Jonathan Ball, the artist behind pokedstudio, about his work and career

Becoming a character sculptor
Character and creature sculptor, Glauco Longhi, tells us the story of his career so far

Sculpting abstract anatomy
3D modeler, Kontorn Boonyanate, shares a look at his inspiring ZBrush series

Sketching characters in ZBrush
Lance Wilkinson shows us a selection from his ZBrush sketchbook

Art Gallery
10 of the most inspiring 3D images from the world of CG, hand-picked just for you!

Learning human musculature
Jahirul Amin shares his knowledge of human muscle anatomy

Improve your concept designs
Will Schneller shares his techniques for creating strong character designs

Creating an alien life form
Jia Hao walks us through sculpting and rendering an insectoid alien with ZBrush and KeyShot

Lift a scene with post-production
Omer Messler shows how to create a grungy atmosphere in post-production

Detailing an epic character
Jason Mark gives us an insight into the making of The Oracle

Sculpt a striking fantasy design
Pavee Keawmafai takes us through the creation of his menacing character, Oni-Raijin

Digital Art Master: The Blind Ones
Learn how Jerad Marantz crafted his fantastic creature image, The Blind One






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