Issue 110 | October 2014
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In this month’s issue, we’re going to the movies with Ken Barthelmey (The Maze Runner) and Iker García Santander (Justin and the Knights of Valour), as they share their thoughts on the industry and experiences from the world of film.

We’re also happy to be trying something new with our Spotlight feature, a versatile space for different kinds of 3D artists and their projects. This month, we’re proud to feature traditional sculptor Jonathan Payne and his extraordinary clay creations. They’re pretty unsettling – you’ve been warned!

There’s an exciting variety of tutorials and resources for you this month: clay sculpts in ZBrush, landscapes in Vue, texturing in 3ds Max, and Jahirul Amin taking us back to basics with a brilliant walkthrough of the human body’s bony landmarks. Borhan Chou treats us to a look behind this month’s cover image, Flamenco. How on earth did he make that dress? Read on to find out…








What in this month…

An insight into film
Veteran CG artist Iker García Santander shares his industry wisdom

Becoming a creature designer
We catch up with concept designer Ken Barthelmey about his latest projects

Fantastical clay sculptures
We talk to Jonathan Payne about his terrific sculpture series, Fleshlettes

Create expressive cartoon characters
Rodrigo Gonçalves reveals his ZBrush sketching methods for expressive cartoons

Art Gallery
10 of the most inspiring 3D images from the world of CG, hand-picked just for you!

Learning the bony landmarks
Improve your anatomical knowledge with Jahirul Amin’s expert guidance

Present clay sculpts with finesse
James Suret shows how to get the most out of your untextured ZBrush sculpts

Design a canyon environment
Conrad Allan shares the Vue workflow behind his Scattered Canyon landscape

Texturing a restaurant interior
Omer Messler reveals his techniques for texturing this steampunk-themed retro diner

Sculpting a beautiful dancer
Borhan Chou shares the process behind his captivating image, Flamenco

Enhance your metallic objects
Discover how Vinícius Paciello creates the diverse metals in Khan El Khalili Hookah Shop

Digital Art Master: Alien
Learn how Siamak Roshani crafted his wonderful creature image, Alien





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