Issue 109 | September 2014
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We’re kicking off this month with two wonderful interviewees, Leticia Reinaldo and Nikita Veprikov, both of whom have something to say about finding your own voice and, most important of all, having fun! We certainly hope you have fun reading this issue, where we’ve gathered a wealth of knowledge and resources to help you learn, improve, and find that creative voice we all look for.

Kurt Papstein, John A. Martini, Hasan Bajramović, and Alexandr Novitskiy each present the grand finales of their respective tutorial series – don’t miss out! Whether you’re making a creature, a car, or a robot, there’ll be something in here to get those inventive sparks flying. Read on and enjoy issue 109!







What in this month…

Mastering stylized character art
Leticia Reinaldo shares the story behind her career and uniquely charming work

Inspirational fantasy images
Nikita Veprikov talks about his career and the wit and whimsy behind his artwork

Becoming a character artist
We cast the spotlight on videogame artist Dmitry Gaborak and his varied career

Improve your ZBrush sketches
Jonas Skoog takes us through his best methods for sketching and self-improvement

Art Gallery
10 of the most inspiring 3D images from the world of CG, hand-picked just for you!

Finishing a photoreal scene
Enhance your rendering and compositing skills with John A. Martini’s guidance

Creating grunge and neglect
Richard Tilbury reveals how to enhance a scene with realistic grime and weathering

Mastering materials and lighting
Learn how Kurt Papstein lights and renders his incredible character in ZBrush

Image-based lighting with sIBL
Hasan Bajramović puts the finishing touches to his photoreal vintage car in 3ds Max

Mastering vehicle post-production
Alexandr Novitsky completes the rendering and post-production on his vintage car

Sculpting imaginative monsters
Dirk Wachsmuth walks us through the process behind this creepy creature

Crafting a robot portrait
Discover how Gianpietro Fabre creates a robot character in 3ds Max

Digital Art Master: Room of Memories
Learn how Rouhollah Toghyani crafted his wonderful character image, Room of Memories




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